Let us practice improving contact with body, mind, soul and spirit.



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Learn about the blend of modalities offered to guide clients towards alleviating pain and increasing levels of body awareness for self-empowerment.

Contact Improvisation and Focused Movement

This modality encourages people to understand their physical boundaries and strives to create a safe container to practice expressing them with consent.  Many things can be said about this modality. In my personal experience, it has become a form of movement meditation with others.  Often people express that they step out of the mind, enter the body mind and experience a profound form of non-verbal communication. With continued experience, the modality has shown potential opportunity to provide transformation and conflict resolution for trauma survivors.  There are clear signs that the modality can reframe new perspectives of what touch can offer in terms of therapeutics.

Come check out the Co-Op at 1st where Improve Contact has eagerly set home base.  This cooperative model is dedicated to implement shared resources, community, education, workshops and holistic wellness!