Myokinesthetic System

This modality involves kinesthetic movement, paired with soft-tissue manipulation. It has been designed in attempt to clear impingements along specific nerve pathways of peripheral nervous system. The body outwardly reveals compensations in our habitual patterns. We use these patterns to determine which nerve pathway is asking for assistance.

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Functional Range Conditioning

This modality focuses on the importance of joint health, mobility and conditioning of the joints. With this understanding, you will be empowered in your daily practice to honor your current range of motion, establish independency in joints and condition your way to the lifestyle desired.  Doing so will greatly increase body awareness, eliminate pain and provide greater degrees of freedom.

Massage Therapy

Various modalities blended together to create a unique session for each client.  Ranging from relaxing, honoring the parasympathetic system to more active release with client participation in specific movement in order to release greater amounts of tension lines within the body.

·      Active Release
·      Myofascial release
·      Reflexology
·      Swedish
·      Deep Tissue
·      Tibetan Cranial

$60-$70 for 60min

$80-$95 for 90min

Sliding scale packages are available for a blend of other holistic modalities: Ayurveda consultation, Acupuncture sessions, Movement Classes and workshops.